AmericanArk Films presents

Our Story

AmericanArk Films is small Pittsburgh-based production group dedicated to producing some of the greatest stories never told. History, Sports, Drama, Biography- the small team of professionals recruited for each production  source ad develop works of love often created in slow-cook mode over   months and even years and always done as low-budget independent productions with humble amounts of base funding through grants and donations.

The brainchild of Producer-Director Len Caric and Director/DP Mark Fallone, AmericanArk has set its sights since its founding in 2009 on hunting subjects that inspire the team and have had little to no attention shined on them. With production of the biographical documentary film HENRY HORNBOSTEL: In Architecture & Legacy, AmericanArk positioned itself as the little engine that could amidst march larger production groups.

Today, AmericanArk is working on new projects covering documentary

to short narratives.