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THE Pittsburgh INDIE CAFE Podcast is hosted by Greg Rempel, Len Caric and Mark Fallone showcasing the burgeoning indie film community in the city of Pittsburgh.  Each month, INDIE CAFE digs into the indie film scene turning up interviews, film clips, location reports and production news via a cafe menu of VIP guests, set talk and a general shooting of the shit among friends.

For long-time cinephiles and production pros Rempel, Caric and Fallone, INDIE CAFE is a dream show on wheels traveling each month to various Pittsburgh haunts where the show will be produced on location.  Venues like DeLuca’s Restaurant in Pittsburgh’s colorful Strip District, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, The Manor Theatre and post production house Phenomenon Post will serve as backdrop for the show’s textured persona.

The show will be delivered via the iTunes and Stitcher platforms and be supported by the web site where show notes, sidebars and links keep the buzz of each episode burning.

The show format will feature a monthly interview, a film review, a feature called talkin’ scripts, reports from indie sets in production across the region and plenty of movie industry banter.

Join Rempel, Caric and Fallone for this unique 60-minute focus on indie film in the Pittsburgh region starting in April of 2015.

THE Pittsburgh INDIE CAFE Podcast.

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